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Vitamins In Animal Nutrition

About Book

Vitamins in Animal Nutrition presents concise, up-to-date information on vitamin nutrition for livestock and poultry; comparisons with vitamin use in human nutrition are also presented. This book describes the basic chemical, metabolic, and functional role of vitamins and vitamin supplementation. A wealth of photographs illustrate the nutritional aspects of vitamin deficiencies and excesses in livestock, along with their concomitant conditions.This authoritative reference is of interest to professionals in animal nutrition and the livestock industry and is suitable as a graduate-level text on vitamin nutrition in animals.
Key Features:

  • Offers practical and broad coverage of nutrition as it relates to farm livestock, humans, and laboratory animals.
  • Clinically identifies and outlines the effects of vitamin excesses and deficiencies in animals and humans.
  • Emphasizes vitamin supplementation, and vitamin metabolism and function.
  • Illustrated with numerous photographs.

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