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Clinical HandBook on Canine Dermatology Third Edition Free Download

Clinical Handbook on Canine Dermatology 3rd Edition

About Book

This book is a truly original manual of canine dermatology. Many dermatological guides or handbooks are available and may be pleasant to read and convey a good understanding of canine dermatoses. However, this book puts forward a quite novel and stimulating approach. Pierre JASMIN, its author, has developed the concept of classifying the dermatoses in a special way which facilitates the clinical approach. He distinguishes three groups of cutaneous diseases: first, a group of infectious and parasitic, primary or secondary dermatoses which are considered initially. A second group containing the most common primary dermatoses is then presented and, finally, a third group of rare primary dermatoses is considered. His practical approach is thus applied sequentially from group 1 through to group 3. These three steps are modulated according to the age of the animal, enabling dermatoses of young dogs to be distinguished from those of adult dogs. A diagnostic approach to otitis externa is proposed separately.

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