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Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 6th Edition Free Download

Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 6th Edition

Updated and expanded, the new 6th edition of this popular text remains the only encyclopedic resource for veterinary internal medical problems! This internationally acclaimed “gold standard” offers unparalleled coverage of pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting dogs and cats. Focusing on the clinical manifestations of disease and approaching disease in terms of the organ system involved, this comprehensive resource presents the latest information on specialties ranging from oncology, immunology, and reproductive problems, to skeletal and joint disorders, gastroenterology, and more. This new edition also includes a companion CD-ROM with references and weblinks.

It’s the only complete reference for veterinary internal medical problems.
Unparalleled coverage is provided on pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting dogs and cats.
The first part of the book is devoted to clinical manifestations or clinical signs of disease, because animals should be evaluated in terms of presenting sign, not on the basis of disease.
The most common signs have been chosen, presented, and discussed in a concise and logical manner, starting with the physical examination and covering system-based signs and symptoms.
Algorithms present the reader with a ready flowchart for aid in the identification and decision-making of each disease anticipated in small animal medicine.
The second part of the book adopts the usual approach to disease as understood in terms of the organ system involved.
Content allows readers to look in depth at the physiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of specific organ maladies when the disorder is already known.

Key Feature:

  • Content is now available as an e-dition.
  • The physical examination process has been added to aid in the instruction of this important skill.
  • Expanded clinical signs help readers identify even more signs.
  • A review of tropical medicine topics and public health aspects of small animal disease covers newly emerging tropical diseases in small animals.
  • Information has been added on hemodialysis.
  • Expanded content includes information on dietary considerations, vaccination protocols, feline cancer, compassionate care, and gastrointestinal problems.
  • The cardiovascular section is presented in a new, more logical format.
  • Appendices have been updated for quick reference.

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