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BSAVA Manual Animal Formulary: 10edition, Part A: Canine And Feline Free Download

BSAVA Manual Animal Formulary Part A Canine And  Feline

About Book

The BSAVA Formulary has been one of the Association’s most trusted and highly valued publications for over a quarter of a century. The Formulary provides an alphabetical list of drugs available for veterinary use in dogs and cats. Several new drug monographs have been added to this edition, including additional chemotherapeutic agents. Other additions include updated information on antibacterial use and a flowchart designed to clarify the prescribing cascade.

Key Feature:

  • Trusted information on drugs available for veterinary use in cats and dogs.
  • Revised throughout with the newest drugs added.
  • Additional chemotherapeutic agents.
  • Update on antibacterial use.
  • Prescribing cascade flowchart.

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