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Applied Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics

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Preface Acknowledgments . Study of female genitalia in slaughter house specimens . Comparative anatomy of female reproductive tracts . Per-rectal palpation of female genital organs . Oestrus detection in cattle and buffalo . Behavioural signs of oestrus in mare, ewe, doe and bitch . Detection of oestrus in bitch by vaginal cytology . Gynaecological examination of vagina . Technique of intra-uterine therapy . Collection of genital discharge . Examination of cervico-vaginal mucus sample . External and per-rectal pregnancy diagnosis in cattle/ buffalo . Early pregnancy diagnosis in cattle by “Milk-Ejection Test” . Differential diagnosis of pregnancy in bovine . Pregnancy diagnosis in small ruminants . Biological and chemical methods of pregnancy diagnosis . Care of the postpartum dam . Care of newborn . Pelvices of different domestic animals . Pelvimetry of domestic animals . Presentation, position and posture of foetus . Caudal epidural anaesthesia . Uses of obstetrical instruments . An approach to a case of dystocia . Evidence of foetal life . Vaginal delivery by using mutation and force traction technique . Techniques of foetotomy . Techniques of caesarean section in farm animals . Diagnosis and management of uterine torsion in farm animals . Diagnosis and therapeutic management of anoestrus cow .

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