Atomic Structure Chemical Bonding Bioinorganic Data Analysis Free Download

Atomic Structure Chemical Bonding Bioinorganic Data Analysis

About Book

An Introduction to Spectroscopy presents the most fundamental concepts of inorganic chemistry at a level appropriate for first year students and in a manner comprehensible to them. This is true even of ‘difficult’ topics such as the wave mechanical atom, symmetry elements and symmetry operations, and the ligand group orbital approach to bonding, The book contains many useful diagrams illustrating (among other things) the angular dependence of atomic wave functions the derivation of energy level diagrams for polyatomic molecules; close packed lattices and ionic crystal structures. The diagrams of the periodic variation of atomic and molecular properties, showing trends across periods and down groups simultaneously, are especially instructive. Spectroscopy is presented mainly as a tool for the elucidation of atomic and molecular structures.

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