General Chemistry,11th Edition Free Download

General Chemistry,11th Edition
General Chemistry,11th Edition

About The Book

GENERAL CHEMISTRY is better than ever with this eleventh edition. It includes essential updates such as modern artwork, higher integration with OWLv2, revised end-of-chapter questions, added Capstone Problems, narrative revisions, and more–to help you succeed in your chemistry course. As per writers, Know your audience. For this new edition, we have tried to follow this important advice by attending even more to the needs of students who are taking a serious journey through this material. We also know that most general chemistry students have career interests not in chemistry but in other areas such as biology, medicine, engineering, environmental science, and agricultural sciences. And we understand that general chemistry will be the only university or college chemistry course for some students, and thus their only opportunity to learn some practical applications of chemistry. We have designed this book for all these students.

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