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Time and Thermodynamics
Time and Thermodynamics

About The Book

Temperature is vital to the health and welfare of all living beings, and Earth’s temperature varies considerably from place to place. Early humans could only live in warm areas such as the tropics. Although modern humans have the technology to keep their houses and offices warm even in cold environments, the growth and development of civilization has created unintentional effects. Cities are warmer than their surrounding regions, and on a global scale, Earth is experiencing rising temperatures. Thus, the science of thermodynamics offers an important tool to study these effects. “Time and Thermodynamics” explores the physics of heat and temperature and their effects on people’s lives and technology. The word thermo refers to heat, and the word dynamics gives an indication of motion, both of which are vital to the subject. This book is an indispensable resource on this urgent issue, covering the principles of thermodynamics and how their application enables people to better understand the world, and sometimes even improve it.

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