An Introduction To The Harmonic Series and Logarithmic Integrals: For High School Students Up To Researchers Free Download

About The Book

This book provides a broad panel of results about the harmonic series and logarithmic integrals, some of which are, as far as I know, new in the mathematical literature. One goal of the book is to introduce the harmonic series in a way that will be approachable by anyone with a good knowledge of calculus—from high school students to researchers. The other goal is to present this book as a good reference resource for such series, as they are not commonly found in the standard textbooks and only very few books address them, apart from articles that are highly specialized and addressed in general to a small audience. The book will equip the reader with plenty of important tools that are necessary to solve (challenging) problems involving the harmonic series, and will also help the reader explore advanced results.

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