Introductory Chemistry Modules 11th Edition Free Download

Introductory Chemistry Modules 11th Edition
Introductory Chemistry Modules 11th Edition

About The Book

The study of chemistry will provide you, the student, with the opportunity to study certain abstract concepts and to learn new problem-solving techniques necessary in understanding chemical phenomena.This modular study guide was created with several purposes in mind:To provide students with a brief summary of those topics that are emphasized both in lecture and examinations.To provide exercises that are similar in scope to those used in examinations. The exercises are also intended to provide you – the student – with an opportunity to master the topics that are covered in each module and that constitute the course competencies.To emphasize the importance of problem solving. No matter what your career goals are, learning how to solve problems is indispensable; with this in mind, many of the problems provided have been designed to stimulate your intellectual curiosity and to encourage analytical reasoning and thinking.

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