How It Works Amazing Science Book 6 Free Download

How It Works Amazing Science Book 6
How It Works Amazing Science Book 6

About The Book

Science is thinking about the world in terms of how? and why? It is seeing the amazing relationships between common occurrences and looking for patterns in them. Amazing Science is an established and successful science series of nine fully-illustrated Student’s Books for kindergarten and classes 1 to 8. Now revised to follow the National Curriculum for General Science 2006, each Pupil’s Book comprises a number of topics from biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth and Space science. Its aim is to raise students’ awareness of the wonderful ways in which the study of science can lead to a better understanding of the world. The chapters in the revised series include a much larger selection of exercises that require students to recall facts, label diagrams, interpret experimental results, tables, and graphs. The presentation now is more visual: new illustrations, diagrams, and photographs have been added, the existing ones improved. The new enlarged layout makes the books more attractive. A selection of Amazing Facts is included in each chapter, providing interesting additional information relevant to the topic. Each Pupil’s Book from 1 to 8 is accompanied by an effective Teaching Guide, which contains answers to the questions in the Pupil’s Book, MCQs pertaining to each chapter, lesson plans, assessment sheets, and additional guidance and support materials for teachers.

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