Elementary Differential Equations 8th Edition Solution Manual Free Download

About The Book

Each computer supplement contains an example from the corresponding chapter, worked out with the aid of Maple. Subsequently a set of computer exercises is presented which can be solved using whichever package is available to the student. It is our hope that these brief introductions will encourage users to look beyond the text for further computer explorations of all areas of mathematics covered in a typical undergraduate curriculum, the field of differential equations is arguably the most affected by the computer. Numerous packages have been produced which are either designed specifically for differential equations, or have subpackages designed for that material. We have made the rather arbitrary decision to present our computer examples using the Maple package. We could have equally well chosen any of the other Computer Algebra Systems such as Mathematica, Matlab, or Derive. Further, there are a number of numerical graphing packages that are more efficient for producing geometric results. Among the more commonly available are MacMath and Phaser.

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