Stereoselective Synthesis in Organic Chemistry Free Download

Stereoselective Synthesis in Organic Chemistry

This monumental tome by Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman and Dr. Zahir Shah pres­ ents a broad overall perspective of stereo selectivity in the synthesis of or­ ganic molecules. Thus it treats a problem that is of fundamental importance and will be even more important in the future as the drug industry is required to supply 1000/0 optically pure compounds. After an exposition of general principles, the following subjects are treated: Catalytic Reductions, Heterogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenations, Stereoselective Non-Catalytic Reductions, Stereos elective Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions, Asymmetric Oxidations, Asymmetric Carbon­ Heteroatom Bond Formations, Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions, Stereo­ selective Free Radical Reactions, and finally Miscellaneous Stereoselective Reactions. For each subject, a wealth of examples are given. The highly selective reactions are mentioned along with reactions that are not. This is helpful as it will teach the practical chemist what to avoid.

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