Organic Chemistry 5th Edition Free Download

Organic Chemistry 5th Edition

A rich source of chemical facts, theories, and processes, this two-volume series treats the entire subject of organic chemistry. It has served for decades as a reference for chemists in industry and education as well as a classroom text for students with a year or more of experience in organic chemistry.
Volume One provides thorough coverage of aliphatic compounds, devoting 500 pages to the physical properties and various methods of synthetic preparation of hydrocarbons, halides, alcohols, ethers, carbohydrates, proteins, ketones, amines, monobasic acids, and many other related compounds. The second part of this volume discusses alicyclic compounds, with reactions, isomers, and processes given for terpenes, cyclopropane derivatives, carotenoids, and the cholane series. Methods of synthetic preparation receive a critical analysis, and many biochemical compounds are described.

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