Fluorine Chemistry for Organic Chemists Problems and Solutions Free Download

Fluorine Chemistry for Organic Chemists Problems and Solutions

This book is a synthesis of two of Hudlicky’s earlier books outlining the many unpredictable properties of fluorine and its compounds that are not analogous to the properties of any other halogens and their compounds. It is divided into two separate sections, the first presenting peculiar reactions as problems to be solved. Each reaction can be analyzed in the lab without the help of the second section, however if a solution is not easily reached, the second section provides discussion of the problems, outlining the products of the reactions and their mechanisms. Among the 105 reactions outlined are the introduction of fluorine into organic molecules, reduction and oxidation of fluorine compounds, reactions of fluorocompounds with halogens and their derivatives, nitration, acid catalyzed reactions, organometallic syntheses, and pyrolyses. The reactions are documented in the experimental material of the earlier volumes and will be important background knowledge for anyone working in organic chemistry.

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