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Chemistry of Pyrroles

The Chemistry of Pyrroles, Volume 34 aims to provide a comprehensive survey of the synthesis of simple pyrroles and to present, wherever possible, a mechanistic and theoretical rationale for the multitude of reactions known for pyrroles. The book discusses the structure and reactivity of pyrrole; the synthesis of the pyrrole ring; and the electrophilic substitution of the pyrrole ring. The text also describes the oxidation and reduction of the pyrrole ring; the rearrangement and addition reactions; and the ketones, aldehydes, and carboxylic acid derivatives of pyrrole. Alkylpyrroles and related compounds; hydroxy- and aminopyrroles and related compounds; and azafulvenes are also considered. The book further tackles the physico-organic properties of pyrrole. Chemists and researchers of pyrrole chemistry will find the text invaluable.

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