Electrochemistry, Volume 11 Nanosystems Electrochemistry Free Download

Electrochemistry, Volume 11 Nanosystems Electrochemistry

Specialist Periodical Reports present comprehensive and critical reviews of the current literature, with contributions from across the globe. Relaunching in 2012 with a new editorial team (Compton and Wadhawan) the eleventh volume of Electrochemistry has a special focus on Nanosystems.Topics examined in this volume include single event electrochemistry, nanoparticle electrocatalysis, bipolar electrochemistry in the nanosciences, nanocarbon electrochemistry, electrochemistry within templatee nanosystems and electrochemistry within liquid nanosystems. This volume is a key reference in the field of electrochemistry, allowing the reader to easily become aquainted with the latest research and opinion. Purchasers of the print edition can register for free access to the electronic edition by returning the enclosed registration card.

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