Linear Dependence Theory and Computation Free Download

Linear Dependence Theory and Computation

To the `elementary operations’ method of the textbooks for doing linear algebra, Albert Tucker added a method with his `pivot operation’. Here there is a more primitive method based on the `linear dependence table’, and yet another based on `rank reduction’. The determinant is introduced in a completely unusual upside-down fashion where Cramer’s rule comes first. Also dealt with is what is believed to be a completely new idea, of the `alternant’, a function associated with the affine space the way the determinant is with the linear space, with n+1 vector arguments, as the determinant has n. Then for affine (or barycentric) coordinates we find a rule which is an unprecedented exact counterpart of Cramer’s rule for linear coordinates, where the alternant takes on the role of the determinant. These are among the more distinct or spectacular items for possible novelty, or unfamiliarity. Others, with or without some remark, may be found scattered in different places.

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