Matrix Algorithms Volume 1, Basic Decompositions Free Download

Matrix Algorithms Volume 1, Basic Decompositions

If you want to understand Matrix algorithms, then this resource is for you. This is my goto book for reference while writing my dissertation. The textbook sequence gives excellent definitions on matrix algorithms. It will be one of my standard reference books in researchThe author explicitly assumes that you know some programming and some linear algebra. Although chapter 1 explains basic matrix theories, you’ll need to possess strong basic matrix knowledge such as matrix additions, substractions, transpositions, determinants, inverses — as the author glosses over those on the very first few pages. Still on chapter 1, the author builds up the theories a lot, both matrix theory and linear algebra. He explains many terms such as rank, norms, decompositions, singularity, etc. He also give some proofs on some theorems. These advanced theories will be developed in corresponding later chapters.

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