Statistical Decision Theory Estimation, Testing, and Selection Free Download

Statistical Decision Theory Estimation, Testing, and Selection

This monograph is written for advanced Master’s students, Ph.D. students, and researchers in mathematical statistics and decision theory. It should be useful not only as a basis for graduate courses, seminars, Ph.D. programs, and self-studies, but also as a reference tool. At the very least,readers should be familiar with basic concepts covered in both advanced undergraduate courses on probability and statistics and int- ductory graduate-level courses on probability theory, mathematical statistics, and analysis. Most statements and proofs appear in a form where standard arguments from measure theory and analysis are su?cient. When additional information is necessary, technical tools, additional measure-theoretic facts, and advanced probabilistic results are presented in condensed form in an – pendix. In particular, topics from measure theory and from the theory of weak convergence of distributions are treated in detail with reference to m- ern books on probability theory, such as Billingsley (1968), Kallenberg (1997, 2002), and Dudley (2002).

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