Unbeatable Mind Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness Free Download

This is the original, first edition of Unbeatable Mind brought back by Mark upon request from many who enjoy this version of his popular book which has sold over a million copies worldwide. This edition is in it’s original format and has not been edited.Commander Mark Divine is a retired Navy SEAL and the founder of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind. In this edition he presents his insights on how to forge mental toughness, develop mental clarity and cultivate an authentic warrior’s spirit. The book’s themes were developed as a foundational philosophy for the popular Unbeatable Mind Academy, originally oriented to train special operations candidates in the mental, emotional and spiritual strength to become an elite warrior. That training combined with SEALFIT has been largely adopted by the SEAL BUDS training command as well as the Air Force Special Operations training command.Unbeatable Mind training has led to profound transformation and breakthroughs for thousands from all walks of life. You will learn to develop your “20X factor” an awareness that you are capable of at least twenty times more than you previously thought.

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