Chemical Applications of Group Theory 3rd Edition Free Download

Chemical Applications of Group Theory, Third Edition is the only up-to-date book on this topic written expressly for chemists. Comprehensive in scope, it covers the entire subject, from its mathematical foundations to every current application, including crystallography. Beginning with a thorough presentation of the rigorous mathematical basis for group theory in chemistry, the book develops this foundation in a clear, step-by-step manner oriented to the chemist. It covers principles, including definitions, molecular symmetry, representation of groups, and quantum mechanics. Then, Chemical Applications of Group Theory illustrates how these principles are applied in a variety of chemical theories such as the molecular orbital (M.O.) theory of organic molecules — including Woodward-Hoffmann rules; the M.O. theory of inorganic molecules and complexes, including hybridization, M-M multiple bonds, and electron counting in cluster compounds; ligand field theory; vibrational spectra; and the symmetry of crystals. Totally up-to-date, the Third Edition of this highly successful reference features end-of-chapter exercises. Chemical Applications of Group Theory is an unprecedented and invaluable resource for chemists in industry and academia.

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