Mathematics for the General Reader Free Download

A first-class mathematician’s lucid, unhurried account of the science of numbers from arithmetic through the calculus. James R. Newman, The World of Mathematics. This highly accessible introduction to mathematics is geared toward readers seeking a firm grasp of the essentials of mathematical theory and practice. The treatment also offers a concise outline of mathematical history and a clearer notion of why mathematicians do what they do. Author E. C. Titchmarsh, who served for many years as Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford University, begins with counting and the fundamentals of arithmetic. He guides readers through the complexities of algebra, fractions, geometry, irrational numbers, logarithms, infinite series, complex numbers, quadratic equations, trigonometry, functions, and integral and differential calculus. Titchmarsh’s graceful, fluid style helps make complicated topics easier to grasp, and his inclusion of numerous examples will prove especially helpful to readers with little or no background in mathematics.

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