Organozinc Reagents A Practical Approach Free Download

Organozinc Reagents A Practical Approach

A comprehensive and conveniently organized lab manual containing step-by-step experimental procedures and the major aspects of organozinc compounds. The world-renowned contributors also cover the diverse roles these reagents play in contemporary organic synthesis. The initial chapters give full details, including experimental procedures, for the preparation of a wide range of organozinc reagents involving classical methods, and procedures involving active zinc, modern electrolysis, and ultrasound. The subsequent chapters give comprehensive coverage of the applications of organozinc reagents in organic synthesis, including cyclopropanation reactions, transition-metal catalyzed reactions, and the use of organozinc reagents in asymmetric synthesis. The Reformatsky and Barbier reactions are dealt with in detail, giving an up-to-date overview of these classical reactions. Organozinc Reagents: A Practical Approach concludes with two very useful appendices: A compilation of organozin reagents and a list of suppliers. Written in a clear and convenient format, this new volume in the Oxford Practical Approach Series in Chemistry will prove a valuable methods reference for postgraduate chemists, researchers, and professionals in industrial chemistry and chemists involved in organic synthesis.

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