Physical Chemistry Volume I Free Download

Physical Chemistry- Vol. –I, 1e’ is primarily intended for students of first year B.Sc. Chemistry (Honours) in University of Calcutta and other major universities of Eastern India. It is equally useful for the students enrolled in B.Sc. General course. The book ensures a smooth transition by bridging-up students’ knowledge from High Secondary course to undergraduate level. It has been a deliberate attempt to provide a quick brush-up of the elementary topics in the first chapter. This would enable and bring students from different High Secondary boards to catch-up for learning advanced level topics. From the second chapter onwards, the book follows a steady approach to make learning and understanding with ease. The book lays a special focus at explanation of theoretical concepts included in the units of Kinetic Theory of Gases, Real Gases, Catalyst, etc. supplemented with step-by-step wise logical deductions and their statistical mechanisms.

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