Theories in and of Mathematics Education Free Download

Theories in and of Mathematics Education

How far has the didactics of mathematics developed as a scientific discipline? This question was discussed intensively in Germany during the 1980s, with both affirmative and critical reference to Kuhn and Masterman. In 1984, Hans-Georg Steiner inaugurated a series of international conferences on ‘Theories of Mathematics Education’ (TME), pursuing a scientific program that aimed at founding and developing didactics of mathematics as a scientific discipline. Today, a more bottom-up meta-theoretical approach, the networking of theories, has emerged which has roots in the early days of discussing the developmental of mathematics education as a scientific discipline. This article presents an overview of this thread of development and a brief description of the TME program. Two theories from German-speaking countries are outlined and networked in the analysis of an empirical example that shows their complementary nature traced back to the TME program.

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