Until I Met You by Amber Rose Gill Free Download

It was meant to be the holiday of a lifetime, a chance to extend her travel blog, her best friends’ wedding and perhaps, if her friends were correct, her own proposal. Until Samantha found herself on her way to Tobago alone and single. She needed to rest. She didn’t need to come face to face with the most unhelpful man on the island. Fed up with his corporate job, after years in New York, Roman was starting again in Tobago. The last thing he needed was a distraction, especially a free-spirited travel blogger. But something about Samantha inspired a protective instinct in Roman. As Samantha and Roman spend more time together under the tropical sun, lines between friendship begin to blur, until secrets put everything they thought they had found in jeopardy and it will take every inch of Samantha’s strength to fight for what she truly wants.

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