More Calculus of a Single Variable Free Download

More Calculus of a Single Variable

This book is a friendly, accessible treatment of advanced calculus of functions of one variable, intended for readers who have completed a full-year course in introductory single-variable calculus. … Each chapter is accompanied by a healthy number of exercises whose range provides both practice and additional conceptual and topical development. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower- and upper-division undergraduates.” (S. J. Colley, Choice, Vol. 52 (10), June, 2015) when we teach a course in calculus we are forced to omit many beautiful ideas  The book under review is a remarkable resource to fill this gap .The book is very well motivated and well written, and is very suitable for readers to follow as self-study. I recommend it highly for undergraduate students who have completed a course in calculus, and also for students who have a course in mathematical analysis. It will also serve well for anyone who is interested in developing undergraduate research at the calculus level.

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