Ordinary Differential Equations Free Download

Ordinary Differential Equations

This unusually well-written, skillfully organized introductory text provides an exhaustive survey of ordinary differential equations equations which express the relationship between variables and their derivatives. In a disarmingly simple, step-by-step style that never sacrifices mathematical rigor, the authors Morris Tenenbaum of Cornell University, and Harry Pollard of Purdue University introduce and explain complex, critically-important concepts to undergraduate students of mathematics, engineering and the sciences. The book begins with a section that examines the origin of differential equations, defines basic terms and outlines the general solution of a differential equation-the solution that actually contains every solution of such an equation. Subsequent sections deal with such subjects as: integrating factors; dilution and accretion problems; the algebra of complex numbers; the linearization of first order systems; Laplace Transforms; Newton’s Interpolation Formulas; and Picard’s Method of Successive Approximations.

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