Understanding Multivariable Calculus Problems, Solutions, and Tips Free Download

Understanding Multivariable Calculus Problems, Solutions, and Tips

Whether calculating the volume of odd-shaped objects, predicting the outcome of a large number of trials in statistics, or even predicting the weather, we depend in myriad ways on calculus in three dimensions. Once we grasp the fundamentals of multivariable calculus, we see how these concepts unfold into new laws, entire new fields of physics, and new ways of approaching once-impossible problems. This 36-lecture course, taught by award-winning Professor Bruce Edwards of the University of Florida, brings the basic concepts of calculus together in a much deeper and more powerful way. Designed for anyone familiar with basic calculus, this course does not essentially require knowledge of Calculus II. Your main focus is on deepening and generalizing fundamental tools of integration and differentiation to functions of more than one variable. Professor Edwards leads you through new techniques with a clarity and enthusiasm for the subject that make even the most challenging material accessible and enjoyable. With graphics animated with state-of-the-art software that brings three-dimensional surfaces and volumes to life, as well as an accompanying illustrated workbook, this course will provide anyone who is intrigued about math a chance to better understand the full potential of one of the crowning mathematical achievements of humankind.

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