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Abstract Volterra Integro Differential Equations

The theory of linear Volterra integro-differential equations has been developing rapidly in the last three decades. This book provides an easy to read concise introduction to the theory of ill-posed abstract Volterra integro-differential equations. A major part of the research is devoted to the study of various types of abstract (multi-term) fractional differential equations with Caputo fractional derivatives, primarily from their invaluable importance in modeling of various phenomena appearing in physics, chemistry, engineering, biology and many other sciences. The book also contributes to the theories of abstract first and second order differential equations, as well as to the theories of higher order abstract differential equations and incomplete abstract Cauchy problems, which can be viewed as parts of the theory of abstract Volterra integro-differential equations only in its broad sense. The operators examined in our analyses need not be densely defined and may have empty resolvent set.

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