500 AP Chemistry Questions to Know by Test Day PDF Free Download

The AP Chemistry exam has a multiple-choice section during which you are not allowed to use a calculator. In this section, you can round fairly generously to solve problems faster. However, do not round generously in the free-response problems. Calculators are allowed for most of the free-response section so you’re expected to be precise in your calculations (and obey the rules for significant figures). The questions in this book cover the material for both the free-response and multiple-choice sections of the AP Chemistry exam. Some calculations are best done with a calculator, but all of them can be done without one. In the multiple-choice section of the AP Chemistry exam, there will never be a problem that requires the correct answer to a different question to solve. To cover all the material related to the exam in this book, topics from free-response questions have been adapted into multiple-choice style questions. This required that some questions occur in groups referring to a common experiment or data set. These questions may rely on answers from other questions.

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