Introduction to Physics and Chemistry of Combustion Explosion, Flame, Detonation PDF Free Download

Most of the material covered in this book deals with the fundamentals of chemistry and physics of key processes and fundamental mechanisms for various combustion and combustion-related phenomena in gaseous combustible mixture. It provides the reader with basic knowledge of burning processes and mechanisms of reaction wave propagation. The combustion of a gas mixture (flame, explosion, detonation) is necessarily accompanied by motion of the gas. The process of combustion is therefore not only a chemical phenomenon but also one of gas dynamics. The material selection focuses on the premixed gaseous combustion. Premixed gas combustion is of practical importance in engines, modern gas turbines and explosions, where the fuel and air are essentially premixed, and combustion occurs by the propagation of a front separating unburned mixture from burned gaseous products. The emphasis in the present work is on the study of the premixed combustion regimes as they hold the highest potential for practical applications.

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