Differential Equations by Hari Kishan PDF Free Download

The present book Differential Equations provides a detailed account of the equations of First Order and the First Degree, Singular Solutions and Orthogonal Trajectories, Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients and other miscellaneous Differential Equations. It is primarily designed for B.Sc and B.A. Courses, elucidating all the fundamental concepts in a manner that leaves no scope for illusion or confusion. The numerous high-graded solved examples provided in the book have been mainly taken from the authoritative textbooks and question papers of various university and competitive examinations which will facilitate easy understanding of the various skills necessary in solving the problems. In addition, these examples will acquaint the readers with the type of questions usually set at the examinations. Furthermore, practice exercises of multiple varieties have also been given, believing that they will help in quick revision and in gaining confidence in the understanding of the subject. Answers to these questions have been verified thoroughly.

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