Physical Chemistry 9th Edition by Peter Atkins PDF Free Download

Physical Chemistry 9th Edition by Peter Atkins PDF

We have followed our usual tradition in that this new edition of the text is yet another thorough update of the content and its presentation. Our goal is to keep the book flexible to use, accessible to students, broad in scope, and authoritative, without adding bulk. However, it should always be borne in mind that much of the bulk arises from the numerous pedagogical features that we include (such as Worked examples, Checklists of key equations, and the Resource section), not necessarily from the density of information. The text is still divided into three parts, but the material has been moved between chapters and the chapters themselves have been reorganized. We continue to respond to the cautious shift in emphasis away from classical thermodynamics by combining several chapters in Part 1 (Equilibrium), bearing in mind that some of the material will already have been covered in earlier courses.

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