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BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Behavioral Medicine ,2nd Edition Free Download

BSAVA Manual O f Canine And Feline Behavioral Medicine Second Edition

About Book

The importance of animal behavior and psychological well-being is increasingly being recognized in the veterinary profession. This new edition is designed to be even more practical and user-friendly than the first. For a range of behavioral presentations, consideration is given to evaluation of the patient, including any possible underlying disease; evaluation of client attitudes, beliefs and behavior; risk evaluation; behavioral biology of the condition; acute management protocols; long-term treatment strategies; prognosis; follow-up; and preventive measures. A special chapter on shelter animals has been added, as this is an area where veterinary support is increasingly sought in both health and husbandry. An included CD offers client handouts, history-taking forms, detailed behavioral questionnaire for each species and a referral form.

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