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A Textbook of Systemic Pathology Free Download

A Textbook of Systemic Pathology
A Textbook of Systemic Pathology

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A Textbook of Veterinary Systemic Pathology PDF has been revised with same objective in mind that guided the first edition. That is, to provide the student with a textbook comprehensive enough to meet every need in systemic pathology as per the course outline prescribed by the Veterinary council of India. The changes Include All chapters have been thoroughly updated, but the digestive, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive chapters have been rewritten and the muscle chapter extensively revised. Thirty four new photographs have been added to help understand the text discussions, whereas the old illustrations have been either replaced or modified. The total number of figures has thus increased from 25 in the previous edition to 59 In the second edition. Important words and certain portions of the text are given In bold for an easy grasp. Presentation of Contents has been improved, and in the Index the numbers that indicate the main discussion are put In bold type for an easy search.

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