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Opportunities for Fluoropolymers
Opportunities for Fluoropolymers

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Fluoropolymers are very unique materials. Since the middle of the twentieth century fluoropolymers have been used in applications where a wide temperature range, a high resistance to aggressive media, excellent tribological characteristics, and specific low adhesion are required. Today, researchers turn to fluoropolymers to solve new challenges and to develop materials with previously unattainable properties.

Opportunities for Fluoropolymers: Synthesis, Characterization, Processing, Simulation and Recycling covers recent developments in fluoropolymers, including synthesis of new copolymers, strategies for radical polymerization of fluoromonomers (conventional or controlled; RDRP), and the modification of fluoropolymers to achieve desired material characteristics. This volume in the Progress in Fluorine Science series is ideal for researchers and engineers who want to learn about the synthetic strategies, properties, and recycling of these special polymers, as well as industrial manufacturers who are interested in achieving new product characteristics in their respective industries.

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