Stereochemistry Workbook : 191 Problems and Solutions Free Download

Stereochemistry Workbook : 191 Problems and Solutions

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The late Edgar Heilbronner, one of the great physical and organic chemists of the 20th century, had a particularly effective lecture. He started it as follows: “You know pretty much everything I am going to say. So let us begin with the questions.” And up on the screen flashed the first question. The lecture continued in the same vein; Heilbronner’s carefully structured answers to just the right questions led to a fascinating and Siebert “Stereochemistry Workbook.” In it are 191 graduated problems, along with succinct and clear solutions. One has to know a little stereochemical lore to begin with, for instance the priority rules of the CIP system. But otherwise everything is taught, in exemplary fashion, just through the progression of questions and answers. Complexities of naming coordination compounds, and dealing with chirality planes and axes are not avoided. The examples grow increasingly challenging.

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