Harbour Dock and Tunnel Engineering Free Download

Harbour Dock and  Tunnel Engineering
Harbour Dock and  Tunnel Engineering

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This text-book concisely formulates the basic principles of the subject matter in simple language presented in two sections. The Section I Harbour and Dock Engineering, is well-divided in twelve chapters including chapter on ‘Planning and Layout of Ports’. Also the approach of the write-up has been changed according to the form of facilities and requirements of Harbours and Ports. The Section II Tunnel Engineering, is also well-divided in twelve chapters including newly developed methods like New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM), Shield methods and chapters on ‘Stages in Tunnel Construction’, ‘Tunnelling in Water Bearing Soils’ and also ‘Health Protection in Tunnels’ have been incorporated. Salient features of this book: 230 Self-explanatory and neatly drawn sketches, photographs and more than, * 310 Examination questions at the end of each chapter. The book in the present form will prove to be extremely useful to the students preparing for the Degree examinations in Civil Engineering of all the Indian Universities, Diploma examinations conducted by various Boards of Technical Education, Certificate Courses as well as for the A.M.I.E., U.P.S.C., G.A.T.E., I.E.S., and other similar competitive and professional examinations. It should also be of an immense use to practising Civil Engineers.

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