Mastering Algebra Advanced Level Solution Free Download

Mastering Algebra Advanced Level Solution

About Book

The scope of this book is intended for educational levels ranging from the 11th grade to adult. The book can also be used by students in home study programs, parents, teachers, special education programs, tutors, high schools, preparatory schools, and adult educational programs including colleges and universities as a main text, a thorough reference, or a supplementary book. A thorough knowledge of algebraic concepts in subject areas such as linear equations and inequalities, fractional operations, exponents, radicals, polynomials, factorization, and quadratic equations is required. Mastering Algebra Advanced Level is the third and final book in a series on algebra. It addresses subjects such as functions of real and complex variables, matrices, sequences, series, limits, factorials, and differentiation. In the second book Mastering Algebra: Intermediate Level students are introduced to subjects such as linear and non linear equations, inequalities, factoring, quadratic equations, algebraic fractions, and logarithms. In the first book Mastering Algebra: An Introduction topics such as integer fractions, exponents, radicals, fractional exponents, scientific notations, and polynomials are introduced.

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