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Milk and Milk Products Technology

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not only of undergraduate and equivalent students, but of the new graduate entering industry and facing new and potentially frightening situations. To this end, the book is structured to meet the requirements both of the student, with a basic knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology and of persons working in the dairy industry. The basic approach is to discuss the manufacturing process in the context of technology and its related chemistry and microbiology, followed by a more fundamental appraisal of the underlying science. The dairy industry is defined in a broad context and information is included on imitation products and analogues. An umber of innovations have been adopted in the presentation of the book. Information boxes and • points are used to place the text in a wider scientific and commercial context, and exercises are included in most chapters to encourage the reader to apply the knowledge gained from the book to unfamiliar situations. It is also our firm belief that the control of food manufacturing processes should be considered as an integral part of the technology and for this reason control points, based on the HACCP system, are included where appropriate. A note on using the book EXERCISES Exercises are not intended to be treated like an examination question. Indeed in many cases there is no single correct, or incorrect, answer.

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