Chiral Separations :Methods and Protocols Free Download

Chiral Separations :Methods and Protocols
Chiral Separations :Methods and Protocols

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Methods for enantiomer separation are very important for controlling synthesis, for checking racemization, for enantiomeric purity control, and for pharmacokinetic studies. In Chiral Separations: Methods and Protocols, prominent experts from around the world detail the chromatographic and electroseparation techniques they have developed for chiral separations on an analytical scale. Described in step-by-step detail to ensure successful experimental results, the procedures are presented as either general methods or as specific applications to substance classes and special compounds, with emphasis on high performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis techniques, but also including thin layer chromotogrphic, gas chromatographic, and supercritical fluid chromatographic as well as recent electrochromotographic techniques

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