Krishna’s Text Book Organic Chemistry-I Free Download

Krishna’s Text Book Organic Chemistry-I
Krishna’s Text Book Organic Chemistry-I

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Structure and Bonding: Hybridization, bond lengths and bond angles, bond energy, localized and delocalized chemical bonding, Van der Waals interactions, inclusion compounds, clatherates, charge transfer complexes, resonances, hyperconjugation, aromaticity, inductive and field effects, hydrogen bonding .Mechanism of Organic Reactions: Curved arrow notation, drawing electron movements with allows,
half-headed and double-headed arrows, homolytic and heterolytic bond fission, Types of reagents electrophiles and nucleophiles, Types of organic reactions, Energy considerations. Reactive intermediates Carbocations, carbanions, free radicals, carbenes, arynes and nitrenes (with examples). Assigning formal charges on intermediates and other ionic species. Methods of determination of reaction mechanism (product analysis, intermediates, isotope effects, kinetic and stereochemical studies.

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