Organic Photochromic and Thermochromic Compounds: Main Photochromic Families ,Volume I Free Download

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Experiments showing a rapid and reversible change of color seem to be magic and are always fascinating. This process called photochromism, has a few real and many potential applications. Photochromic glasses that darken in the sunlight (protecting eyes from excessive light intensity) and bleach in dim light are today a part of everyday life. Organic Photochromic Compounds in plastic ophthalmic lenses, more comfortable to wear, are now competing with silver salts glasses, despite the longer lifetime of the inorganic system. This successful commercial application has given a new impetus to research in the general field of photo chromism that had its most recent revival in the early eighties. The story of organic photo chromism with its ups and downs, from the breakthroughs of the pioneering period in the fifties, through the hard times due to the drawbacks of photo degradation and the recent successes is in many ways a saga.

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