Palladium in Organic Synthesis ,Volume 14 Free Download

Palladium in Organic Synthesis ,Volume 14
Palladium in Organic Synthesis ,Volume 14

About Book

Palladium is a remarkable metal. In particular, organo palladium chemistry has made remarkable progress over the last 30 years. That progress is still continuing, without any end in sight. This book presents a number of accounts and reviews on the novel Pd-catalyzed reactions discovered mainly in the last five years. The book covers Pd-catalyzed reactions that are new entirely different from the more standard ones. Topics such as new reactions involving ß-carbon elimination and formation of pallada cycles as key reactions, cross-coupling of unactivated alkyl electrophiles with organometallic compounds, arylation via C-H bond cleavage, Pd norbornene-catalyzed aromatic functional izations, three-component cyclizations of allenes .

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