Theory and Applications of the Poincaré Group Free Download

Theory and Applications of the Poincaré Group
Theory and Applications of the Poincaré Group

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Special relativity and quantum mechanics, formulated early in the twentieth century, are the two most important scientific languages and are likely to remain so for many years to come. In the 1920’s, when quantum mechanics was developed, the most pressing theoretical problem was how to make it consistent with special relativity. In the 1980’s, this is still the most pressing problem. The only difference is that the situation is more urgent now than before, because of the significant quantity of experimental data which need to be explained in terms of both quantum mechanics and special relativity. In unifying the concepts and algorithms of quantum mechanics and special relativity, it is important to realize that the underlying scientific language for both disciplines is that of group theory. The role of group theory in quantum mechanics is well known.

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