Netter’s Surgical Histology Review , 2nd Edition Free Download

Netter’s  Surgical Histology Review , 2nd Edition

About The Book

With strong correlations between gross anatomy and the micro anatomy of structures, Netter’s Essential Histology, 3rd Edition, is the perfect text for today’s evolving medical education. Concise and easy to use, it integrates gross anatomy and embryology with classic histology slides and state-of-the-art scanning electron microscopy, offering a clear, visual understanding of this complex subject. Additional histopathology images, more clinical boxes, and new histopathology content ensure that this textbook-atlas clearly presents the most indispensable histologic concepts and their clinical relevance. Helps you recognize both normal and diseased structures at the microscopic level with the aid of succinct explanatory text as well as numerous clinical boxes. Features more histopathology content and additional clinical boxes to increase your knowledge of patho physiology and clinical relevance. Includes high-quality light and electron micro graphs, including enhanced and colorized electron micro graphs that show ultra-structures in 3D, side by side with classic Netter illustrations that link your knowledge of anatomy and cell biology to what is seen in the micro graphs. Provides online access to author-narrated video overviews of each chapter, plus Zoomify images and Virtual Slides that include histopathology and can be viewed at different magnifications.

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