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Tissue Culture Techniques, 2nd Edition

About The Book

Tissue Culture Technique, Second Edition, provides an introduction to tissue culture techniques. An attempt has been made to reduce all equipment and procedure to their simplest forms without omitting steps necessary to ensure successful cultures. Sufficient detail is given to enable acquisition of the essentials of the techniques and avoidance of the many pitfalls which may be encountered by beginners, and may sometimes beset those more experienced. The first few chapters of this book are devoted to the choice and organization of the laboratory rooms and their equipment, including glassware, instruments, etc. Attention is also given to methods of preparation of supplies for use in the various techniques. The succeeding chapters describe the preparation of the culture media and the tissues, as well as the preparation of the cultures in various ways. Also discussed are the types of cells one may expect to see growing from a given tissue, methods of recording their behavior and measuring their growth, as well as their significance in the interpretation of experimental results. The last chapters treat methods of applying micrurgical, histological, and photomicrographic techniques to tissue cultures. It is hoped that the carefully considered data presented in this book, and the many details which are the result of long experience, may be of real service to the prospective worker.

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