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This handbook covers new methodological developments and applications of relativistic quantum chemistry. It also pays attention to the foundation of relativistic quantum mechanics and addresses a number of fundamental issues that have not been covered by any book. For instance, what is the appropriate relativistic many-electron Hamiltonian? How to do relativistic explicit/local correlation? How to formulate relativistic properties? How to combine double-group and time-reversal symmetries? How to do QED calculations for molecules? Just to name a few. This book aims to establish the big picture of relativistic molecular quantum mechanics, ranging from pedagogic introduction for uninitiated readers, advanced methodologies and efficient algorithms for experts, to possible future perspectives, such that the reader knows when/how to apply/develop the methodologies. This self-contained two-volume book can be regarded as a supplement to the three-volume “Handbook of Computational Chemistry”, which contains no relativity at all. It is to be composed of 6 sections with different chapters (will be further expanded), each of which is to be written by the most active experts, who will be invited upon approval of this proposal.

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